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Meet your A-Team and develop your psychic mediumship abilities to read energy (Spirit, people, pets, places, objects) and channel PROOF OF SURVIVAL messages from the Other Side.

imageWHITEWOLF ACADEMY is a Spirit Communication Language and Healing School providing private teaching sessions over the telephone and online to help you develop your ability to communicate with your loved ones on the otherside so as to clearly see (clairvoyance), feel (clairsentience) and think (claircognizance) how best to heal and walk your highest path. We value one-on-one time together and your personal interests and individual needs therefore when you study with us privately we tailor design your private curriculum.

imageAs a professional development school, we also train you how to use the gift in your career should this be an option you are interested in. This is expecially fun for healers, teachers, artists and entrepreneurs with an established clientele or building a practice, business or school.

We are located in Montreal (Quebec) and Boca Raton (Florida) where we conduct phone/online & onsite classes, readings, and therapy. Our clients/students come from all parts of the world, above and below, with varying personal and professional histories and levels of channeling experience.


Watch this Instructional video for beginners

Conduct your own past life reading Past Lives and Present Lessons

For beginners learning to channel, we use psychometry techniques.

For intermediate and advanced students, we focus on straight up channeling with no aids.

Our Specialty: Mental & Physical Mediumship, Predictions, Medical Intuition, Remote Viewing, Blind Targets, Psychic Detective Work


Private training is the way to go if you want to develop quickly or have an interest you wish to focus on.



When you study with us privately, we custom design your psychic mediumship development curriculum series WITH THE OPTION OF Phone or Email teaching programs. The difference between both is one takes place over the telephone and the other over email. Each program series is BUNDLED and prepaid as a package of 10 private sessions. Once you complete your series, you have the option to repeat it at a higher grade level or switch to another series.

For phone and online students, your channeling assignments are custom designed to your development level, interest and needs and both programs include homework assignments done on your own time.


When you enrol in the phone program, you also have the option to double up your 10/1 hr phone sessions and complete the program in 5/2 hr phone sessions. When you choose this option, your 10 channeling assignments become 5 larger ones. This option is recommended for people with busy schedules and is discussed as an option in your first phone session. When you choose the phone program, all exercises are channeled and decoded with us over the telephone, and homework is completed on your own time.


When you choose the online email program, your channeled assignments are emailed to you and our email sessions are used to help you further decode your answers. If or when you feel you may need to include a phone session here and there, you always have the option to book them a la carte (30 min./60 min./90 min.).For new students who select an online email program, you will begin with a 30 min. phone session to orient you to our style of teaching. Repeat online students receive this 30 min. phone session to discuss your goals.


The HEALING programs are therapy-oriented to help you heal some issues you are working through.

The INDIE program includes holistic development (a combination of personal development and professional path working.)

The GO PRO program includes professional development and is designed to help you develop a reading practice.

The ENTREPRENEURSHIP program is for people starting or developing a business.

The SPIRIT ART program is for artists.

HEALING Programs

  1. Open Ended Healing: When you choose the open ended healing program, your curriculum is organically custom designed to address the issues you are experiencing over the course of your series.
  2. Relationship Therapy Singles: When you choose this singles program, you are working with a pre-set curriculum designed to help you come into balance by healing your codependency.
  3. Relationship Therapy Couples: When you choose the couples codependency program, both of you are working on the same pre-set curriculum. if you select the email program, you will each have separate email sessions to review your answers. When you select the phone program, you have the option to select the couples phone sessions or individual phone sessions.
  4. Channeled Art Therapy: This program is for those wishing to heal issues through channeled art production.


INDIE Program

  1. Indie: When you choose the Indie program, your curriculum is organically custom designed as we move along to address your areas of interest as they develop over the course of your series.


When you choose the GP Buffet program, you will have a sample of a variety of different kinds of readings: Mediumship, Clairvoyance (predictions), Pet Communication, Medical Intuition, and Reading Spaces/Hauntings.


This Biz Development program is for entrepreneurs starting or developing a business, school or healing practice who need to channel complete guidance about your biz direction.


This art production program is recommended for artists who wish to channel through a combination of art and writing. This program is lots of fun, extremely creative and includes making art in different formats. This is only available as an online email program with the option of a la carte phone sessions.


  • All Phone program series are $1975 *with the exception of Relationship Therapy Couples.
  • All Online email series are $1375 *with the exception of Relationship Therapy Couples.
  • Relationship Therapy Couples email program is $1975

Relationship Therapy Couples phone program offers two options:

  • Couples phone program: a mix of phone sessions together and separate $2575 (10 hrs in total)
  • Individual phone program: you each have your own private phone program $3575 (this programs offers 10/1 hr phone sessions for each of you, a total of 20 hrs between the two of you)


Phone sessions are available for email students and Relationship Therapy Couples email/couples phone program when one in the couple wants an additional private phone session:

30 min. $75

60 min. $125

90 min. $150


To enquire about, register and pay for your program, please send us an email to rainbowmedicine44@gmail and we will send you a paypal link where you can pay using debit or visa. Canadian students have the option to use online banking transfers.


Developing psychic mediumship abilities and working with the Spirit World as a Divine messenger and healing channel is a work in progress. But what makes it more difficult than other professions, is that more often then not, we are working with ‘Invisible forces.’

The practice of psychic mediumship is a discipline, language, sport and an art form, and thus far, the most effective means I know to exercise clearing the mind and conquering self-doubt. In order to receive a message we have to be able to clear and stop the mind and body long enough from going elsewhere other than where Spirit wants it to go. We learn how to pick up subtle energies and cues, which we develop with our guides, to identify a secondary source feeding us the information other than our ‘mind/ego.’ Although both take place in the mind, there is a difference between our ‘normal’ thought forms and energy sensed while channeling.

We all come from the Other Side hence we all have this language within us but some people are born with strong clear seeing ability while others have to train to develop the ability to see, clairvoyantly, which is basically learning how to receive symbols transferred through the Right brain and translated through the Left.

We also receive messages through feelings and touch (clairsentience), hearing (clairaudience), thoughts (claircognizance), smell (clairalience) and taste (Clairgustance).

In our private classes, you will develop your psychic Clair senses by engaging in a variety of channeling exercises and build upon your data bank of symbols to communicate with your A-Team and channel their guidance.

No matter which program you select, our goal is to awaken you to your true self and best life path. We teach you how to heal yourself by gaining access to conscious guidance from you A-Team, and understanding into your holistic body and of your highest path.


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Watch the teaching video for beginners EZ MEDIUMSHIP WHITEWOLF-STYLE

To learn about Dr. Leanne Levy’s published academic and advocacy work, please visit Dr. Leanne Levy

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